Morality overriding issue for older couple

They could not abide Same-sex marriage

Gloria Palacias, 65, and her husband, Hector Palacias, 67,walked toward  the Fire Fighters Memorial Building in the City of Doral, west of the Miami International Airport. Hector, with graying hair,  straightened his glasses and held an identification card in one hand. It was Election Day 2012 and the Palacias were going to the Firefighters’ building to vote for Mitt Romney.

“Mitt Romney is Republican, and he is best for us,” said Gloria Palacias.

The Palacias have lived in Miami-Dade County for  30 years. Their home, the City of Doral, is dotted with office parks filled with regional and national headquarters of corporations and federal agencies. The United States Southern Command has its headquarters in Doral and so does the Federal Reserve Bank, Carnival Cruise Lines, a unit of the Pepsi Cola Bottling Group and Univision, the international broadcasting company.  Doral has a population of just under 50,000 and nearly three times that number commute daily to jobs there.  It is the home of the Doral Golf Resort and Spa which for five decades has been a fixture on the PGA or Professional Golfers Association of America national competition tour.

Doral is well-to-do city with a median annual income of $80,600 compared with the national median income of $44,000. It’s population is nearly 80 percent Hispanic. Many people have moved to Doral from Venezuela and the town is sometimes referred to as Doral-zuela.

In 2008, when Barack Obama won his first four years in office, the Palacias voted for the Republican candidate, Senator John McCain.

For many Americans, the economy was the main issue in the 2012 election. Not so for the Palacias. For them, morality was the overriding concern. “We are Christian people,” Hector Palacias said. “For us, Obama is a corrupt man.  One person that gives the okay for marrying one woman for one woman and one man and one man is wrong.”


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