Popcorn, Pizza with the issues

Lines made made more bearable With snacks, and good cheers

Courtney Grant stands against the wall of the Bank United Center in Coral Gables.

An elections worker at the polling site approaches him and asks whether Grant has brought his voter registration card with him. Grant didn’t, but reassured the poll worker that he has brought an ID card with a photo, along with a signed credit card.

Grant, originally from New York state, is a freshman at the University of Miami. It is the first time the 18 year old will be voting. He said he wanted  to make sure his voice will be heard by the candidates.

“I feel like a lot of things have been left undone, and it is important that I express my beliefs,” Grant said.

He said he would be voting for President Barack Obama because the president’s beliefs align with his own.

“I have liberal, moral beliefs and I want to ensure that all people have rights,” he said.

“Popcorn! Anyone want popcorn?”

Stephanie Rivas went up and down the line at the Bank United Center shouting her offer. She wore a shirt that proclaimed “Voters are sexy.” She filled cups with freshly popped popcorn.

Rivas, 26, is a volunteer for Get Out and Vote, an advocacy group. Rivas works at UM in the office of student affairs. She believes that it is important that people vote if they want things to change. Rivas said she filled out an absentee ballot for President Obama because she wants to maintain the Affordable Care Act, the president’s signature domestic accomplishment.

“My mom is a housecleaner, and the healthcare mandate provided her with healthcare, which I appreciate,” Rivas said. “I also have a cousin who is a lesbian, so LGBT rights are important to me too.”

Rivas said a younger brother will soon enter college, so access to quality education was a top priority for her and her family.

“Whatever candidate stresses education and its importance gets my vote,” she said.

Rivas then grabs a box of pizza and begins to hand it out.  Grant gets a slice and takes a bite as he reads over the sample ballot.  He then moves forward a few steps in line.

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One response to “Popcorn, Pizza with the issues”

  1. Jamie S. says:

    I interviewed a freshman as well, and I thought it was really interesting how many young people have been so involved in this year’s election. I think a lot of our generation share similar liberal ideologies when it comes to women’s rights and gay marriage, and I think that will have a very powerful influence.