Voters met with backers of opposing sides

Candidate volunteers differ over issues

Voters at one polling place in the Kendall area of Miami were met with an abundance of volunteers and supporters of both President Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney advocating for their respective candidates.

Republican supporter and volunteer Sandra Franco shared her view of the election with Obama supporters.  “The issues I think that affect South Florida the most are the economy and healthcare,” she said. “In terms of this election, I hope there will be an outcome that will positively affect younger generations, but I feel like they are not educating themselves and just going for whoever is more popular.”

Obama supporters disagreed that this was a popularity contest, arguing that they support Obama to give him more time to fix what the Bush administration had done to the economy, healthcare and the national debt.

Others felt strongly about the issue of women’s rights and abortion.  “I am here to vote for my daughter,” said Patty Segura. “I want when she grows up to have the same choices that I have, not to be limited by the government.”

Venezuelan native Daniel Lepervanche expressed his opinion on healthcare in America, and how it feels to vote for the first time after being granted citizenship in the United States.  “This is my first time exercising my right to vote as an American citizen and it’s a great feeling,” he said. “With this election I am focused on the issue of healthcare. It’s hard for me to understand how such a powerful country has such a poor health system.”

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3 responses to “Voters met with backers of opposing sides”

  1. Debbie says:

    This was your first article and we at home think you are the Best. Keep the great work up.

  2. Amanda Pena830 says:

    It could just be that she’s republican, but many still feel as though Obama turned this into a popularity contest. Its interesting to see that there are many who still feel that way and that he won the last election by just sounding good and making the younger generations in a way fall for his charm. It makes me kind of nervous to think many might be voting for him because of his charm and are missing the key points. Its true what Segura said though, our generation is going to be heavily affected by this election in years to come because of the rising national debt. I really enjoyed reading your piece, you did an excellent job.

  3. Laura Y. says:

    The focus on volunteers instead of voters is a very interesting perspective, and one that I think isn’t talked about as much. I liked this article because it presented the opposing sides equally and is well written