College students display excitement

A party atmosphere prevails in voting line

The long line of college students outside the BankUnited Center bustled with excitement and anticipation. Popular dance and electro songs blasted in the hot Miami sun. There was free pizza and Sebastian, the University of Miami mascot, dropped by to clown around.   It could have been a crowd waiting to get into a concert or just a big party. But it turned out to be a lot of students eager to cast ballots in a presidential election – many of them for the first time in their lives.

Joe Barra, 18, rocked out to his own iPod. He was not an apparent fan of the electro dance choices by the DJ.  But the University of Miami sophomore was eager to partake in his first election ever.  “It’s important to exercise my right to vote and duty as an American citizen,” Barra said.  “And I think it’s essential I get to have a say in naming the next president.”

Barra,  who is from Massachusetts, saw Mitt Romney at work as governor of the state and was not impressed. “I disliked his term in Massachusetts,” Barra said. “The man is not honest.  The man is socially out of his time.”

Barra said President Obama’s position on gays and lesbians won his support.

Marecio Bigarra, 21, stood next to Barra. Like Barra, Bigarra was voting for the first time. He, too, was excited. “I wore my nice jacket today, as you can see,” Bigarra said. “This is only the third time I’ve worn it all year; only for the most special occasions.”

Bigarra is from New York.  He described  himself as a libertarian. But he said he was voting Democratic.  I” think Obama is handling the debt, which is the main issue of this election, in a more reasonable manner than Romney,” Bigarra said.

Bigarra said he wanted to give  Obama four more years to solidify his work, but he clearly was not thrilled. “Overall,” he said, “I am picking the lesser of two evils.”

Vin Zollo, 18 and a freshman from New York, was no more enthralled.  “I dislike both of the main party candidates,” he said, “but, let’s face it, one of them is going to win.” Zollo  said he wanted “to exercise my right to vote, because it’s the right thing to do.”

Zollo said he was voting for Romney, mostly because of his stance on government spending.   “The government under Obama spends way too much money,” he said. “I think Romney will do a better job at fixing that for the next four years.”

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3 responses to “College students display excitement”

  1. Molly says:

    I like how this shows what the young population is thinking about the election and how they are voting in their first election.

  2. Amanda Arrandt1 says:

    I really like how you described your surroundings, it was really easy for me to imagine what was going on around you. I also like that you interviewed individuals with different opinions and incorporated it into your story.

  3. Y Shen9 says:

    The first paragraph is really attractive. When I read it, I feel I go back to the voting day and it seems that I can still feel the sun.
    I also like the discription of Joe Barra. This is the first year he can vote and his words shows that he was so pround to have the right to vote to the president.