She can’t vote, but she can volunteer

Mireya Manzanares at the North Shore Branch LibraryPhoto by Joana Hecker

Cuban immigrant works To support the Democrat

Even though she is not a citizen, Mireya Manzanares decided that if she could not join the lines to vote for her choice for president, she could still support him by volunteering on the sidelines.

Manzanares, 64, showed up with a green hat and a bottle of water at the North Shore Branch of the Miami-Dade County Library in Miami Beach, where she joined a group of Barack Obama supporters.

“It is not that I want Obama to win; I know he will win,” Manzanares said.  “Let’s get to the point: Who killed Bin Laden? Obama did. Who fixed the economy? Obama did. Who ended the war? Obama did.”

Although she was born in Cuba, Manzanares said she and her family came to the United States when she was a child. She grew up in Ohio, but moved to Miami a few decades ago.

Reluctant to talk about her immigration status, Manzanares said her brother and father, who are both legal citizens, support her.

She said she can relate to Obama’s appeal to the masses, which is driven by his humble background.

“Obama is humane,” Manzanares said. “He comes from a family that is different, like me.”

Manzanares said she was proud to be among the poll volunteers who were campaigning for their causes.  “I suffer from asthma, and today I got up to work for Obama,” Manzanares said.



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One response to “She can’t vote, but she can volunteer”

  1. Ben says:

    I think it is really nice of Joana to volunteer her time on Election Day. It’s nice to see that even though she cannot vote due to her lack of citizenship, she can still be apart of the Election Day process and be a helping hand.