She was dancing, singing, pulling for Obama

Panther Run Elementary School Photo by Amanda Costa

He could fix the economy But he would need time

Penny Wade, 48, was thinking about President Barack Obama as she made her way to the voting place at Panther Run Elementary School in Wellington, Fla., near West Palm Beach.  She wanted him to win and she decided to become an unofficial campaign worker.   “Vote for Obama, y’all,” she called out to people waiting to vote.  She wasn’t getting paid. She was just being spontaneous.

Wade, a who grew up in Wellington, was wearing jeans, an over-sized tan T-shirt and a baseball cap.  She danced around and sang Obama’s name in repetition. She had come out to vote, she said,  “to make sure Romney’s butt doesn’t get into office.” But she was in no hurry to cast her vote.  She  stopped to chat with nearly everyone she saw.

“I’m hoping it’s going to be a landslide,” she said.

Taxes were one of her issues, she said.  The rich need to pay up,” she said. “They’ve been getting a break since way back.”

President Obama would help the middle class,  she said.  But Mitt Romney,  she said, cared only about the wealthy.

With another term in office, Wade said, Obama would fix the economy and keep the promises he made to improve the country.  “Why don’t they give him eight years?” she asked. “What’s somebody going to do in four years? That’s not enough time to even get their feet wet.”


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