Like a Speeding Bullet


54华氏度(12摄氏度)的天气下,灰黄色的火车驶入站台.阳光洒在火车的玻璃上, 向着斯德哥尔摩市中心驶去.






小火车每15分钟一班,它的速度可以达到120miles/hour(200km/hour), 列车锥型的车头像子弹一样,正如它的速度一样,在郊区行驶着.


It is 54 degrees Fahrenheit or about 12 degrees Celsius outside. Sunshine is pouring through the large windows of the train as it leaves Arlanda Stockholm Airport toward downtown Stockholm.  Trees and fields along the track are going by fast.

Inside, the seats are firm and covered in soft, dark fabric. Travelers have space around their seats to lounge around. They have special racks for their luggage.

This is the Arlanda Express, which travels between the airport and Stockholm in 20 minutes. It is fast, making the trip in half the time it would take a car to cover the same 26-mile distance.

Travelers save time. At the same time, it is also a way for Sweden to keep the environment clean as fewer cars use the roads and produce fewer harmful gases.

The train is powered by electricity, which in Sweden is mainly clean energy. Eighty percent of it is produced with renewable resources. Each train has 190 seats. Bathroom doors open with the touch of a button. The standard one-way ticket for the Arlanda express is 260 Swedish krona or about $36 – about half the cost of a taxi.  A round trip on the train is 490 Swedish krona or about $68 dollars, a savings of about $4 over two one-way tickets.   For students, the cost of a round trip is about $36.

The train was inaugurated in 1999. It went into operation as Arlanda was opening a third runway to accommodate more planes and more travelers. It was largely financed with private funds.

The train leaves the station every 15 minutes. It can reach a speed of 200 kilometers or 120 miles per hour. The yellow color of its cone and the streamlined shape of the cars give a sensation of speed, like a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun. #


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