Arlanda Express Saves Time



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Inside the Arlanda Express, the high-speed Swedish train that whisks people from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport to downtown in 20 minutes, everything was quiet.

The electric train made almost no sound as it zoomed along the tracks, past thick stands of trees and farmland.

It was mid-afternoon and the compartments were not crowded.  Passengers were reading, talking, looking out the big picture windows. They might have been sitting in a stainless steel-and-light-wood trimmed café. There was no sense of motion except for the blur of the countryside.

A digital panel at one end of the compartment flashed the speed.  The train was clipping along at about 120 miles or 200 kilometers an hour.

The Arlanda Express was inaugurated a little more than 10 years ago. Then, it was a model of modern rail transportation. It is still a very efficient train and it is one of the things that has helped to reduce pollution in Stockholm, one of the greenest cities in Europe. But newer trains have been introduced around the world and they are faster, smoother and more efficient.

In 2003, four years after the Arlanda Express began operating, a train that uses a magnetic device to lift it and reduce friction on the rails, began carrying passengers from Pudong International Airport to downtown Shanghai.  It reaches speeds up to 430 kilometers or 267 miles an hours.  The train levitating almost imperceptively above the tracks, is even quieter than the Arlanda Express.

On the Arlanda Express, a woman conductor in a stylish, navy-blue uniform checked tickets. She did not have any brochures about the train, she said, but she provided a form to send to the railroad to get information on the history of the train and its special features.

The Arlanda Express is clean and bright and inviting. But what really makes it special is its efficiency. Taxis and cars and buses make the run to downtown Stockholm on well-paved highways. But they belch exhausted fumes. And they are not as fast. The Arlanda Express, one crew member said, “saves time.” #


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