The Top Six Fishing Tips For Beginners

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Okay, so you have chosen to go fishing for the very first time. Would you like some tips on how it is done? Most beginners do, so let’s just dive right in.

1. Casting

This is probably the first thing you should learn to do. It does not matter if you are venturing out to do some rogue river fishing or something else, you need to know how to cast the line. According to the experts we talked to, most beginners fail when it comes to casting the rod properly and baiting the caster. 

Take a look at your strike zone. You will need to place the bait a few feet away from the strike zone. Too many lose their lures and miss chances by not placing their baits in the general strike zone area. 

How can you determine if you have something when you do some salmon fishing rogue river action? Try holding the rod with a steady arm and hand. You may need to exert a little tension in your grip. Feel around to see if there is some kind of pulsation or jerk action happening. You might have a winner if you feel something jerking in your hand. You may need to go to a different spot if you do not feel the pulsation. Pulsation is key to making a catch. 

You can always find more help by looking at the Oregon fishing guide and Rogue river fishing guide. 

Fishing rods leaning on a wooden rail | Ivan Radic | Flickr

2. Cheapness Counts

Gambling online is similar in this respect. You have to use lures you are not afraid to lose during the process. The same thing applies to gambling, You never use the money you cannot afford to lose. 

In this instance, it is best to invest in the cheapest lures you can find when you fish. That way you will have lost nothing if you lose one or two (which you will). 

The best advice we can give involves this sentiment from Kellen Ellis: Cheap lures work better in the right locations compacted to expensive lures used in safe areas

3. Confidence

Confidence is needed in all areas of life, including fishing. You will never catch anything if you convince yourself of that very thing. 

You need to have at least 200% confidence when you fish, especially when you use a new bait for the first time. In some ways, you almost need to be delusional, but not in the way you think. This is a good kind of delusional thinking. Sometimes you have to assume you will catch that 5-10 pounder in the next round, even if that does not actually happen.

The idea is to build up the mindset so you can actually achieve the goal. Fishing is one area where your mindset counts. A good, clear mindset is key to whether you catch something or not in fishing. 

4. Your Lures

This is another area where some beginners fall short. You will have to get used to this new lure. That could take some time. It is like getting involved in a new relationship, but not as intense. 

Another thing to do is only use that new lure.

Let’s compare this to dating, shall we? You want to become monogamous with this new lure if that makes sense. You are not going to get to this level if you keep using a different lure each time you fish. The new lure might have been awkward the first time (some of them are), 

You better get used to that. The idea is to keep going. Keep getting to know the lure. The new lure will eventually become comfortable for you. 

5. Prepare 

Prepare for anything and everything. Things are going to happen you never expected. Things are going to go wrong. That is part of the process. Plan for the unexpected and you will do better. 

You might be using one lure when they want another. The idea is not to make a solid plan. A solid plan never works out for those who fish. Just go with it. 

6. Safety Tips

Always remember that safety comes first. Remember there could be other wildlife under the water beyond what you expect. Apply sunscreen and hydrate with water. Carry a lifejacket because you might need one. Use the wader belt to keep the water from coming into the boat and possibly pulling you under. 

Get a license before going out. You will need one. Most importantly, have fun.